A Quick Perspective

04a-quick-perspectivePrehistoric bugs were larger than average day bugs due to the higher oxygen levels. The Pulmonoscorpius kirktonensis was a species of scorpion that grew to 24 inches long, or the size of a normal house cat. Personally, I’m glad I these things don’t exist anymore. I’d never go outside ever again if they did.

A Quick Perspective takes everyday objects and places and explores the facts about them while presenting them in a fun and interesting visual display in situations that would never be possible.

01a-quick-perspectiveThe largest oil tanker ever produced was the Seawise Giant which spanned 1,504 feet. If placed in the main lake in New York’s Central Park it would only have 350 feet of extra room on the front and back.

02a-quick-perspectiveThe Mir Mine located in Russia is one of the deepest mines in the world. The official depth is 1,722 feet deep. If the 2nd tallest building in the United States, the Willis or Sears Tower which is 1,729 feet tall was placed in the mine, the tip would only stick out 7 feet past ground level.

03a-quick-perspectiveThe M-1 Rocket motor was designed back in the 1950s for the NASA space program and would have been the biggest motor ever built had it been constructed. It’s designed diameter was 14 feet, or wide enough to fully cover a Smart Car with 2 feet to spare on either side.

05a-quick-perspectiveAs we continue the hunt for extraterrestrial life, we continue to build bigger and bigger telescopes. The biggest radio telescope to date is the Chinese Guizhou province telescope that is 1,600 feet in diameter. If placed in downtown Las Vegas it would cover half of The Mirage, all of the LINQ, all of Harrahs, and most of Venetian.

06a-quick-perspectiveThe B-2 Bomber is one of the worlds most advanced and most expensive airplanes in the world. What most people don’t realize is how big these things really are. The wingspan of a B-2 is 172 feet which is 12 feet wider than an NFL football field.

07a-quick-perspectiveWhen it was built the Titanic was one of the largest ships built. It’s total length was 882 feet and 9 inches long. Since then ship building has come a long way. The United States aircraft carrier the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan is 1,092 feet long. If the Titanic was placed on the deck of the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan the ship would have 210 feet of deck room left.

08a-quick-perspectiveThe Dionysus asteroid is part of the Apollo asteroid belt. The Dionysus asteroid is estimated to be 1.5 km wide or 4921.26 feet. The value of the resources estimated to be within the asteroid is around $2,600,000,000,000. If the asteroid was placed above the Golden Gate Bridge, it wouldn’t even surpass the bridge span.

09a-quick-perspectiveThe Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest standing structure in the world. It measures in at 2,722 feet tall. If placed in New York it would stretch almost 1,000 feet past the One World Trade center and almost 1,300 feet taller than the Empire State Building.

10a-quick-perspectiveAlthough the Death Star doesn’t exist in reality, it’s truly the biggest and most bad-ass machine ever conceived. The Death Star’s estimated width is around 99 miles across, or around 1/4th the length of Florida.


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Staten Island Ferry Disaster Memorial Museum


The Staten Island Ferry Disaster Story. . .

“It was close to 4am on the quiet morning of November 22, 1963 when the Steam Ferry Cornelius G. Kolff vanished without a trace. On its way with nearly 400 hundred people, mostly on their way to work, the disappearance of the Cornelius G. Kolff remains both one of New York’s most horrific maritime tragedies and perhaps its most intriguing mystery. Eye witness accounts describe “large tentacles” which “pulled” the ferry beneath the surface only a short distance from its destination at Whitehall Terminal in Lower Manhattan. Nobody on board survived and only small pieces of wreckage have been found…strangely with large “suction cup-shaped” marks on them. The only logical conclusion scientists and officials could point to was that the boat had been attacked by a massive octopus, roughly half the size of the ship. Adding to the tragedy, is that this disaster went almost completely unnoticed by the public as later that day another, more “newsworthy” tragedy would befall the nation when beloved President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated.  The Staten Island Ferry Disaster Museum hopes to correct this oversight by preserving the memory of those lost in this tragedy and educating the public about the truth behind the only known giant octopus-ferry attack in the tri-state area.”

The Staten Island Ferry Disaster Memorial blends in with these weathered monuments, except for the fact that all details on the work are completely… false.

The monument, which is located in Battery Park, Manhattan, was created by artist Joe Reginella and honors the 400 victims who perished during a giant octopus attack of a Staten Island ferry named the Cornelius G. Kolff on November 22, 1963, the same day as the assassination of JFK.  via [Colossal]




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Südtirol by Andreas Levers


A few breathtaking landscape photos taken by media-designer Andreas Levers during a trip to the Dolomites.

Website / Behance / Twitter














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Kevin Hong


Kevin Hong is an illustrator based in New York and a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.

Website Instagram Behance

02bkevin-hongPromotional illustration and character designs for upcoming indie 2D Platformer, Miyamori. miyamorigame.com



03kevin-hongIllustration for short story “The Three Lives of Sonata James,” by Lettie Prell, to be published on tor.com.

04kevin-hongCatching spirits, for Plansponsor’s Recordkeeping Survey, featured in the June 2016 issue.



06kevin-hongNomad Landing – End of the Journey. Published in the April issue of Plansponsor magazine, art direction by SooJin Buzelli.

07kevin-hongIllustration for P. Djeli Clark’s short story, “A Dead Djinn in Cairo,” to be published on tor.com in May. Art Direction by Irene Gallo. – “Egypt, 1912. In an alternate Cairo infused with the otherworldly, the Ministry of Alchemy, Enchantments and Supernatural Entities investigate disturbances between the mortal and the (possibly) divine. What starts off as an odd suicide case for Special Investigator Fatma el-Sha’arawi leads her through the city’s underbelly as she encounters rampaging ghouls, saucy assassins, clockwork angels, and a plot that could unravel time itself.”



09Kevin Hong.gif

11kevin-hongEquilibrium – origination

12kevin-hongGinseng – Total Health Benefits – For the January 2016 issue of Plansponsor, on an article about the benefits of having a retirement savings plan. Art Direction by SooJin Buzelli.

13kevin-hongNostalgia – An illustration for 3DTotal’s book, Beyond Art Fundamentals. The work accompanies a 15-step tutorial detailing my thought process and techniques behind creating a piece.

14kevin-hong”Hiring an Attorney,” For the Sept. issue of Plansponsor. Thanks as always AD SooJin Buzelli!

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The Amazing Geometric Cakes of Dinara Kasko


Originally trained as an architect, the Ukrainian chef Dinara Kasko designs her desserts putting into practice principles like the Voronoi diagram or the biomimicry.

“I’m trying to connect architecture, design, and patisserie. A beautiful cake as well as a beautiful building, needs preliminary design”.

Utilizing 3D modeling and printing to create different cakes or silicon molds, the final product not only will be edible, but tasty as well.

“I want to make something interesting and fresh, experimenting with new creative ideas”.




















via [sogoodmagazine]

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Song of the Day: Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver


Take Me Home, Country Roads” is a song written by Bill Danoff, Taffy Nivert, and John Denver from a a letter/poem their friend (John Albert Fitzgerald) living in West Virginia wrote them. It was initially recorded by John Denver. It was included on his 1971 breakout album Poems, Prayers & Promises.


Almost heaven, West Virginia,
Blue Ridge Mountains
Shenandoah River.
Life is old there,

Older than the trees,
Younger than the mountains
Growin’ like a breeze.

Country roads, take me home
To the place where I belong:
West Virginia, mountain momma,
Take me home, country roads.

All my memories gathered ’round her,
Miner’s lady, stranger to blue water.
Dark and dusty, painted on the sky,
Misty taste of moonshine,
Teardrop in my eye.

Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong:
West Virginia, mountain momma,
Take me home, country roads.

I hear her voice, in the mornin’ hour she calls me,
Radio reminds me of my home far away
And driving down the road I get a feeling that
I should have been home yesterday, yesterday

Country roads, take me home
To the place where I belong:
West Virginia, mountain momma,
Take me home, country roads.


The song was a success on its initial release and was certified Gold by the RIAA on August 18, 1971. The song became one of John Denver’s most popular and beloved songs, and is still very popular around the world. It has continued to sell, with over a million digital copies sold in the United States. It is considered to be Denver’s signature song.

The song also has a prominent status as an iconic symbol of West Virginia, which it describes as “almost Heaven”; for example, it was played at the funeral memorial for U.S. Senator Robert Byrd in July 2010. In March 2014, it became the official state anthemof West Virginia.

The Country Roads in this song are in West Virginia, but Denver had never even been to West Virginia. Bill and Taffy Danoff started writing the song while driving to Maryland – they’d never been to West Virginia either! Danoff got his inspiration from postcards sent to him by a friend who DID live there, and from listening to the powerful AM station WWVA out of Wheeling, West Virginia, which he picked up in Massachusetts when he was growing up.

Danoff told NPR in 2011: “I just thought the idea that I was hearing something so exotic to me from someplace as far away. West Virginia might as well have been in Europe, for all I knew.


  • Eddy Arnold recorded it for his 1971 album, Loving Her Was Easier (RCA Victor, LSP-4625)
  • Lynn Anderson recorded a cover for her 1971 album How Can I Unlove You.
  • Loretta Lynn recorded it for her 1971 album You’re Lookin’ At Country.
  • Skeeter Davis recorded it for her 1971 album Bring it on Home.
  • Ray Charles cut a cover of the song for his 1972 album A Message from the People.
  • The Statler Brothers recorded a cover version on their 1972 album “Innerview”.
  • Olivia Newton-John recorded a cover version in 1973 that reached the top 10 in Japan and the number 15 in the UK, but only reached No. 119 in the United States on the Billboard Hot 100. It is this recording which is eventually used as the opening song for Whisper of the Heart (1995) a Studio Ghibli anime that uses “Take Me Home, Country Roads” as a plot device featuring several renditions in Japanese including an end-title version performed by Yoko Honna.
  • In 1974, Lena Zavaroni recorded a cover of “Country Roads” for her album Ma! (He’s Making Eyes At Me)
  • Toots & the Maytals recorded a reggae version in 1974 in which the lyrics are altered to describe Jamaica: “Almost heaven, West Jamaica,” for instance, replaces Denver’s “West Virginia.” This version was itself covered in Almost Heaven, a 2005 German film directed by Ed Herzog. In the story, Helen Shuster is a German girl with a terminal illness who dreams to be a country singer Nashville style and winds up in Jamaica. The song is sung by Heike Makatsch, who plays Helen.
  • In 1975 Aleksander Mežek covered Denver’s single, changed lyrics to Slovene language, which is his home language and named the song “Siva pot”, which means “grey road”. The song is still very popular in Slovenia.
  • Israel Kamakawiwoʻole recorded a version for his 1993 album Facing Future in which West Mākaha, Hawaii is substituted for West Virginia.
  • Romanian singer Gil Dobrică covered the song 1977 with a Romanian text “Hai acasă, hai cu mine” (“Let’s go home, come with me”).
  • Hermes House Band recorded a cover and performed on Top of the Pops when the single was released in 2001.
  • Country pop vocalist Carrie Underwood performed the song during her Play On Tour in 2010. Underwood performed the song in the bed of a pick-up truck over the audience.
  • In 1995, Yuji Nomi, a Japanese composer, adapted the song to the Studio Ghibli movie Whisper of the Heart by changing the lyrics in a humorous and ecology-aware way.
  • In 2008 Punk rock cover band, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, covered it for their album Have Another Ball.
  • Country music artist Daryle Singletary covered the song on his 2009 album Rockin’ in the Country.
  • In 2009 Roch Voisine covered it for the album AmerIIcana.
  • In 2010 Swedish singer Meja covered the Studio Ghibli version of the song on her album AniMeja.
  • In 2012, The Gypsy Queens released “Take Me Home Country Roads” on their eponymous album The Gypsy Queens London Records (Universal Music) produced by Larry Klein.
  • In 2012 singer/songwriter Mike Doughty released a cover on his album The Flip Is Another Honey.
  • In 2013, American folk singers Brandi Carlile and Emmylou Harris recorded the song for the John Denver tribute album This Music is You: A Tribute to John Denver.
  • In 2013, Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out perform “Take Me Home Country Roads” in the Washington, DC studios of WAMU’s Bluegrass Country.
  • The 2016 single “Forever Country” includes the song in a medley with “I Will Always Love You” and “On the Road Again”.

In popular culture

  • In the episode “American Dream Factory” of American Dad!, Stan and his band of illegal Mexican Immigrants sing this song at their local county fair to help them escape from the eyes of the law, in a tip of the hat to The Sound of Music.
  • Bradford City A.F.C., an English football club, has a variation for their stadium Valley Parade, with West Virginia being replaced with Midland Road.
  • South Sydney Rabbitohs, an Australian rugby league Club, have a variation with Country Road being replaced with Botany Road.
  • Manchester United F.C., an English football club, have a variation with Country Road being replaced with Old Trafford.
  • Vegalta Sendai, a Japanese football club, sings the song as its theme before home games. While during the game altered lyrics are sung to the tunes of The Lambrusco Kidby the Toy Dolls, Blitzkrieg Bop, and other songs by KISS and Twisted Sister.

John Denver



Born Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr.
December 31, 1943
Roswell, New Mexico, U.S.
Died October 12, 1997 (aged 53)
Monterey Bay, California, U.S.
Cause of death Airplane crash
  • Musician
  • singer-songwriter
  • record producer
  • activist
  • actor
  • humanitarian
Years active 1962–1997 (his death)
  • Annie Martell-Denver(m. 1967; div. 1982)
  • Cassandra Delaney-Denver(m. 1988; div. 1993)
Children 3
Musical career
  • Folk
  • folk rock
  • pop
  • western
  • country
  • Vocals
  • acoustic guitar
  • fiddle
  • Mercury
  • RCA
  • Windstar
  • Sony Wonder
Associated acts
  • The John Denver Band
  • Starland Vocal Band
  • The Back Porch Majority
  • The New Christy Minstrels
  • Chad Mitchell Trio
  • The Muppets
  • Cass Elliot
  • Olivia Newton-John
  • Plácido Domingo
  • Emmylou Harris
  • Peter, Paul and Mary
  • Johnny Cash
  • Tina Turner
  • Glen Campbell
  • George Burns
  • Frank Sinatra
Website johndenver.com

photo: Flickr Mark Goebel

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The Ethereal Worlds of Amr Elshamy

01the-ethereal-worlds-of-amr-elshamyWhat doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.

Amr Elshamy is a self-taught artist from Egypt.

“I love to practice all styles/kinds/techniques of art, but my real passion in filmmaking, I like to live in my own world away from the people, down earth kinda guy, sometimes I fly and have friends from another world!”

Website / Behance / Facebook

02The Ethereal Worlds of Amr Elshamy.jpgfalling…



05the-ethereal-worlds-of-amr-elshamyUpside Down



08the-ethereal-worlds-of-amr-elshamyThe Story begins

09the-ethereal-worlds-of-amr-elshamyThe Wonders of the Sea

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Samorost 3 by Amanita Design


Samorost 3 is an exploration adventure and puzzle game created by Amanita Design, also creators of the award-winning Machinarium.

“Our most ambitious experience to date and a loose continuation of the older Samorost and Samorost 2. Samorost 3 follows a curious space gnome who uses the powers of a magic flute to travel across the cosmos in search of its mysterious origins. Visit nine unique and alien worlds teeming with colorful challenges, creatures and surprises to discover, brought to life with beautiful artwork, sound and music.”

Official Website


via [Colossal]

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Amazing Worlds by Pyanek

01amazing-worlds-by-pyanekBook pages

“Amazing Worlds” is a project by Pyanek a self-taught composer & photographer. This young artist created a series of macro photos that explore everyday objects up close, revealing their minute details while obscuring what makes them so recognizable.

To capture each image Pyanek used a Canon T3i (600D/Kiss X5) with the kit lens reversed and HeliconFocus for focus stacking.

02amazing-worlds-by-pyanekGrain of white sugar

14amazing-worlds-by-pyanek‘X’ key of a computer keyboard

15amazing-worlds-by-pyanekKitchen sponge



03amazing-worlds-by-pyanekSerrated knife

04amazing-worlds-by-pyanekApple stalk

05amazing-worlds-by-pyanekBallpoint pen

06amazing-worlds-by-pyanekCorrugated fiberboard

07amazing-worlds-by-pyanekBeach stone

08amazing-worlds-by-pyanekIncense stick

09amazing-worlds-by-pyanekBrass key


11amazing-worlds-by-pyanekSoap foam






21amazing-worlds-by-pyanekSteel sponge

22amazing-worlds-by-pyanekChocolate cookie

23amazing-worlds-by-pyanekBlack bread mold

24amazing-worlds-by-pyanekCoffee bean



via [VisualNews]

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