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Strange Reflections

“As an airliner approached its landing at Chicago’s O’Hare airport a rare glimpse of a reflected upside down city leapt forth from a break in the dusk time clouds, looking like something that should belong in the land of Faerie. … Continue reading

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Greg Payce and the Space Between His Vases

Canadian ceramicist Greg Payce has spent over two decades exploring a three-dimensional representation of Rubin’s vase, in which a figure is revealed through the edges of two forms. Art Gallery of Burlington

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The Magic Realism of Rob Gonsalves

Rob Gonsalves, born in 1959 in Toronto, is a Canadian painter of magic realism with a unique perspective and style. He produces original works, limited edition prints and illustrations for his own books. After an introduction to artists Dalí and Tanguy, … Continue reading

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Optical Illusion Art Made from Strips of Tape by Damien Gilley

American artist Damien Gilley creates these complex optical illusions only with strips of colored tape. First he visits the location (gallery walls, public spaces…), takes photos of the architecture and composition of the space, then sketches his design onto the … Continue reading

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