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Strange Reflections

“As an airliner approached its landing at Chicago’s O’Hare airport a rare glimpse of a reflected upside down city leapt forth from a break in the dusk time clouds, looking like something that should belong in the land of Faerie. … Continue reading

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Above Chicago

Chicago-based photographer Nick Ulivieri specializes in architecture, food, and aerial photography. Ulivieri takes some of the best photos of Chicago year-round, aerial or otherwise. “I like my verticals parallel, my skies wild, bold color, and shooting above Chicago.” Website / Instagram / Flickr via [Colossal]

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Instagrammer Chronicles The Saddest Chicago Bachelor Party Ever

Robbie Chernow flew to Chicago in order to celebrate his friend Jake’s bachelor party, but everyone’s flights were cancelled.

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Chicago fog by Michael Salisbury

These photos of a mesmerizing Chicago in the fog are by Michael Salisbury, a Systems & Network engineering by day, photographer in his free time. “Thank the polar vortex for a foggy june” Michael Salisbury Crated / Instagram / Flickr via [Colossal]

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Dancing Plague of 1518

In 1518, a bunch of people from a french town called Stransbourg were affected by something called dancing mania. It began with one lady named Frau Troffea dancing in the street and end up with, more or less, 400 people … Continue reading

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Metro Cuff Series by Tiffany Burnette

Tiffany Burnette is the Creative Director and Founder of Designhype, a company which combines two of her lifelong passions: design and travel. These trendy and functional bracelets are part of the Metro Cuff Series designed by Tiffany Burnette. The bracelets are made out of … Continue reading

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