Ulo: the Cutest Surveillance Camera

01Ulo the Cutest Surveillance Camera

Ulo is a cute surveillance camera created by Vivien Muller, a pet owl interacting with you through eye expressions.

Today more and more objects are connected, but none of them truly connects with you.
Ulo creates a unique bond, like no other device.
It redefines the way you interact with objects: an organic communication.
The language of our eyes is one of the most powerful and effective tools of non-verbal communication.
Eye expressions are an efficient, natural and universal way to connect instantly with Ulo.


02Ulo the Cutest Surveillance Camera

03Ulo the Cutest Surveillance Camera

04Ulo the Cutest Surveillance Camera

05Ulo the Cutest Surveillance Camera

06Ulo the Cutest Surveillance CameraTired Ulo = battery under 10%

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One Response to Ulo: the Cutest Surveillance Camera

  1. Dennis says:

    Haha, indeed very cute. :)


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