Magical Illustrations by Felicia Chiao

01Magical Illustrations by Felicia Chiao“A very intense period of badness”

Felicia is an industrial designer, illustrator, and toy maker who is now exploring the world of food design. She is currently on a mission to finish a sketchbook a year and to eat ice cream as often as possible.

Her artworks feel deeply emotional yet whimsical, the outstanding amount of details, bold colors, intricate patterns, and subtle textures will hypnotized you.

Behance / Instagram / Tumblr society6

02Magical Illustrations by Felicia ChiaoI’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately.

03Magical Illustrations by Felicia ChiaoI took a week off from work and basically just stayed in bed

04Magical Illustrations by Felicia Chiao05Magical Illustrations by Felicia ChiaoI have spent most of 2018 sick, but hopefully that means it’s only up from here. Here’s a doodle I did on my 28+ hours on planes to and from Taiwan

06Magical Illustrations by Felicia Chiao07Magical Illustrations by Felicia Chiao08Magical Illustrations by Felicia Chiao09Magical Illustrations by Felicia Chiao10Magical Illustrations by Felicia Chiao11Magical Illustrations by Felicia Chiao12Magical Illustrations by Felicia Chiao


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One Response to Magical Illustrations by Felicia Chiao

  1. Greg Long says:

    Very difficult not to be awed by the beauty of those illustrations


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