Victor Castanera Designs Balancing Lamp


The Balance lamp was designed by Spanish designer Victor Castanera for young Swedish brand Oblure. It is made up of a number of spherical components, sized to achieve a “perfect balance”.

“From the beginning, Balance was a true challenge,” said Castanera. “We had to work with custom-made LED boards to be able to evenly illuminate the orb and at the same time connect the second orb at the top of the lamp. I want Balance to be a reminder of how extraordinary many everyday experiences are. With Balance I want to evoke the beholder’s curiosity of the world around them.”

-The fixed impossible position of the orbs is an expression of the fragility of existents. All entities move and nothing remain still. Balance is a play with the concept of time – everything is in motion. The group of spheres stuck in time is a reminder that life is movement, no matter what. Sometimes the opposite and impossible is a reminiscence of life’s possibilities.-

Victor Castanera: Website / Instagram
Oblure: Website  Facebook / Instagram / Linkedin








via [dezeen][mymodmet]

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