The Finalists of the 14th Annual Photo Contest

01the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest© Michael B. Hardie. All rights reserved.

Over the last 13 years, readers have submitted nearly 350,000 images to Smithsonian’s annual photo contest. These photos have transported us to the far corners of Earth, captured spectacular, split-second moments and introduced us to fascinating people and unique landscapes. Browse breathtaking images captured by photographers from nearly every country in the world: search by location and topic, and explore photographer portfolios for inspiration.

We are excited to announce the finalists of the 14th Annual Photo Contest. This year, we received more than 48,000 submissions from photographers in 146 countries and territories. From Michael B. Hardie’s photograph of an octopus hitching a ride on the back of a sea turtle in Hawaii to Kamil Nureev’s shot of reindeer pulling a man across the Siberian tundra, these 70 images stood out to our photo editors as the most unique and memorable.

Voting is now open for the Readers’ Choice winner! Voting is limited to one vote per user per day and runs through March 27 at 11:59:59 PM Eastern Standard Time. The finalist who receives the most votes will be announced alongside our Grand Prize and category winners on March 28.”

02the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest© Lina Samoukova. All rights reserved.

03the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest©Mario Gustavo Fioru. All rights reserved.

04the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest©Prelena Soma Owen. All rights reserved.

05the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest©Javier Arcenillas. All rights reserved.

06the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest©Garry Ridsdale. All rights reserved.

07the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest©Binh Duong. All rights reserved.

08the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest©Gunarto Gunawan. All rights reserved.

09the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest©Aya Okawa. All rights reserved.

10the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest© Kamil Nureev. All rights reserved.

11the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest© Peter Nutkins. All rights reserved.

12the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest© Marc Toso. All rights reserved.

13the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest© Gareth Bragdon. All rights reserved.

14the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest© Sharon Castellanos. All rights reserved.

15the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest© Duangmon C. All rights reserved.

16the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest© Nick Ng. All rights reserved.

17the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest© Кровлин Krovlin. All rights reserved.

18the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest© Liam Wong. All rights reserved.

19the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest© rekha Bobade. All rights reserved.

20the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest© Kyaw Kyaw Winn. All rights reserved.

21the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest© Luis Henry Agudelo Cano. All rights reserved.

22the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest© Alina Rudya. All rights reserved.

23the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest© vickson dasan. All rights reserved.

24the-finalists-of-the-14th-annual-smithsonian-com-photo-contest© Jassen Todorov. All rights reserved.

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