Kyoto Winter Wonderland

01kyoto-winter-wonderlandImage via sugar9717

Take a look at some spectacular photographs of Kyoto covered in snow.

02kyoto-winter-wonderlandGinkakuji (photo by @_nanashina_)

03kyoto-winter-wonderlandKinkakuji (photo by ui_hii618love)

04kyoto-winter-wonderlandImage via dianasip

05kyoto-winter-wonderlandImage via Juezba

06kyoto-winter-wonderlandImage via gentasekikawa

07kyoto-winter-wonderlandImage via shiny_choi

08kyoto-winter-wonderlandFushimi Inari-taisha (photo by @mayu_sakurai11)

09kyoto-winter-wonderlandArashiyama (photo by @tttks)

10kyoto-winter-wonderlandImage via ui_hii618love

11kyoto-winter-wonderlandImage via perfume_of_keika

12kyoto-winter-wonderlandImage via 4nob.m



via [MyModMet] [Spoon&Tamago]

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One Response to Kyoto Winter Wonderland

  1. Evangelina07 says:

    Did you take those pictures? They are excellent!
    I have been in Kyoto last year and loved it in the spring. Now I would love to see it in the winter as well.


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