Sola Cube Shop & Minerals as Beautiful Food

01sola-cube-shop-minerals-as-beautiful-food-An edible rock and mineral specimen meal that was offered last year-

“3.8 billion years ago life began on earth. And over millions of years multicellular life evolved into land plants and forests. The colors and shapes of flowers, fruits and seeds all have unique purposes and are as beautiful as they are functional.
Intent on showcasing the wonder and beauty of mother nature, Koichi Yoshimura developed a way to exquisitely preserve plants in acrylic cubes. He called them “Sola Cubes.”
Each Sola Cube is handmade by Japanese craftsmen and contain a real plant.”

Usaginonedoko is a Kyoto shop where you’ll find natural artifacts and specimens of plants and minerals encapsulated in resin, the “Sola Cubes”.

In their cafè they offer a seasonal menu inspired by rocks, minerals and other objects of nature. Almost too beautiful to eat.

02sola-cube-shop-minerals-as-beautiful-foodSola Cubes

03sola-cube-shop-minerals-as-beautiful-foodSola Cubes

04sola-cube-shop-minerals-as-beautiful-foodinside the usaginonedoko cafe

05sola-cube-shop-minerals-as-beautiful-foodThe “Meteorite Curry” is a black rice and curry inspired by Tektite, natural glass formed from terrestrial debris ejected during meteorite impacts.

06sola-cube-shop-minerals-as-beautiful-food“kantenseki” was a wagashi take on crystals that was served in 2016 (no longer available)

07sola-cube-shop-minerals-as-beautiful-foodthe rock & mineral specimens meal that is currently being served

08sola-cube-shop-minerals-as-beautiful-foodan upcoming exhibition will showcase delicious looking real stones

09sola-cube-shop-minerals-as-beautiful-foodAmethyst pannacotta

10sola-cube-shop-minerals-as-beautiful-foodan upcoming exhibition will showcase delicious looking real stones

11sola-cube-shop-minerals-as-beautiful-foodan upcoming exhibition will showcase delicious looking real stones

via [spoon&tamago]

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