Fleurissements by Geoffroy Mottart

01Fleurissements by Geoffroy Mottart.jpg

Fleurissements is a temporary urban installation by the florist Geoffroy Mottart.
Over the last year the historic busts in parks and public spaces across Belgium were adorned with quirky botanical beards and blossoming hairstyles.

“This idea came to me because I realized that most people pass by these statues without paying attention to them.
By putting a floral note in places or on objects, spectators pay attention to my work and rediscover what surrounds it.” Geoffroy Mottart

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02fleurissements-by-geoffroy-mottartleopold II

03fleurissements-by-geoffroy-mottartleopold II

04fleurissements-by-geoffroy-mottartleopold II

05fleurissements-by-geoffroy-mottartjean delville

06fleurissements-by-geoffroy-mottartvictor rousseau

07fleurissements-by-geoffroy-mottartvictor rousseau

08fleurissements-by-geoffroy-mottartleopold II

09fleurissements-by-geoffroy-mottartleopold II

10fleurissements-by-geoffroy-mottartjean delville



13fleurissements-by-geoffroy-mottartthe goddess of bocq

14fleurissements-by-geoffroy-mottartthe goddess of bocq

15fleurissements-by-geoffroy-mottartthe seasons



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One Response to Fleurissements by Geoffroy Mottart

  1. taphian says:

    such beautiful ideas, I love them


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