Close-Up Portraits of Birds Shot in a Backyard

01close-up-portraits-of-birds-shot-in-a-backyardNorthern Cardinal

Bird Photo Booth is the world’s first bird feeder and photo booth combo, designed for your iPhone, iPod touch, and GoPro cameras. Place your device into Bird Photo Booth’s high quality, all-weather enclosure. Then step away and watch a live feed of your backyard birds stream from your iPhone to your iPad, or any other Wi-Fi or bluetooth enabled device and snap away!

When Lisa M. Ca moved from Germany to Macomb County, she noticed the area’s unique bird population.
“I wanted to get a little closer and started researching what cameras are out there as a little addition to my DSLR. This is how I found the Bird Photo Booth.” she told Detroit’s Metro Times.

The unique photos that Lisa got were insanely gorgeous so she decided to post them on Facebook where they quickly went viral.
Lisa has since started her own blog to share her photos with the world.

“The birds are like little jewels from nature. They make my day.”

02close-up-portraits-of-birds-shot-in-a-backyardBlue Jay

03close-up-portraits-of-birds-shot-in-a-backyardCommon Grackle

04close-up-portraits-of-birds-shot-in-a-backyardTufted Titmouse

05close-up-portraits-of-birds-shot-in-a-backyardTufted Titmouse

06close-up-portraits-of-birds-shot-in-a-backyardMourning Dove

07close-up-portraits-of-birds-shot-in-a-backyardCommon Grackles

08close-up-portraits-of-birds-shot-in-a-backyardGoldfinch and Tufted Titmouse





via [Metro Times / MyModMet]

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One Response to Close-Up Portraits of Birds Shot in a Backyard

  1. Dennis says:

    Beautiful shots, I wish I would have a backyard and birds that would come for a visit :) Well done!


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