The Ethereal Worlds of Amr Elshamy

01the-ethereal-worlds-of-amr-elshamyWhat doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.

Amr Elshamy is a self-taught artist from Egypt.

“I love to practice all styles/kinds/techniques of art, but my real passion in filmmaking, I like to live in my own world away from the people, down earth kinda guy, sometimes I fly and have friends from another world!”

Website / Behance / Facebook

02The Ethereal Worlds of Amr Elshamy.jpgfalling…



05the-ethereal-worlds-of-amr-elshamyUpside Down



08the-ethereal-worlds-of-amr-elshamyThe Story begins

09the-ethereal-worlds-of-amr-elshamyThe Wonders of the Sea

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