Porcelain Abuse by Laurent Craste

01Porcelain Abuse by Laurent Craste

This violent series of smashed vases is by Montreal-based artist Laurent Craste.

‘ The series of distorted vases actualizes the rage expressed in an earlier video depicting the artist in the process of digging. It also updates the strain inherent in any production requiring great skill: the portion of rejects brought to their ultimate point. A deliberately caused “accident” changes the appearance of the vases: soiled, covered with graffiti, trampled, cracked, nailed to the wall, subjected to the worst treatment, yet remaining recognizable. This violence is specifically that of the creator, since the absolute negation of the piece, smashing it to pieces, has not been “implemented”. ‘ Pascale Beaudet – Translation / adaptation: Peggy Niloff


02Porcelain Abuse by Laurent Craste03Porcelain Abuse by Laurent Craste04Porcelain Abuse by Laurent Craste05Porcelain Abuse by Laurent Craste06Porcelain Abuse by Laurent Craste07Porcelain Abuse by Laurent Craste08Porcelain Abuse by Laurent Craste09Porcelain Abuse by Laurent Craste

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