The ‘Water Tables’ by Derek Pearce

01The ‘Water Tables’ by Derek Pearce

“My work has always been about passion, the flow of form, the blending together of techniques and materials and the manifestation of concepts in wit and word play.

I love studying animals and birds, The HIPPO TABLE has always been a favourite. As a centerpiece it can dominate a room with its imposing voluptuous shape – and yet the sleepy pose has a calming effect on the atmosphere in any room.

These tables are conversation pieces – they will either stimulate, or stop the conversation.

It is with great satisfaction that I can offer, through this web site, a selection of my designs as production pieces, making my work more widely available at more accessible prices.” Derek Pearce


02The ‘Water Tables’ by Derek Pearce03The ‘Water Tables’ by Derek Pearce04The ‘Water Tables’ by Derek Pearce05The ‘Water Tables’ by Derek Pearce06The ‘Water Tables’ by Derek Pearce07The ‘Water Tables’ by Derek Pearce08The ‘Water Tables’ by Derek Pearce09The ‘Water Tables’ by Derek Pearce10The ‘Water Tables’ by Derek Pearce11The ‘Water Tables’ by Derek Pearce12The ‘Water Tables’ by Derek Pearce

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One Response to The ‘Water Tables’ by Derek Pearce

  1. Oh wow !!! I love these tables, my favorite is the first one with the wooden hippo !


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