Pantone Cafè, Taste the Color

02Pantone Cafè, Taste the Color

Returning for its second year, the Pantone Café has set up shop for the summer in Monaco.
The color-coded menu features items named after its color or specific ingredient and has its correlating Pantone hue in parentheses. The café has collaborated with French juicery Yumi for a range of juices—including one made up of rosemary, carrots, beet, fennel, apple, red cabbage, lemon, ginger and kiwi. Blended together, it becomes “True Red” (Pantone 19-1664). There’s also “Pistachio Green” eclairs (Pantone 13-0221), “Espresso Macchiato” coffee (Pantone 7574), “Verdant Green” salad of the day (Pantone 19-6026), “Water” (Pantone 5435 C) and more.

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08Pantone Cafè, Taste the Color

01Pantone Cafè, Taste the Color

09Pantone Cafè, Taste the Color03Pantone Cafè, Taste the Color04Pantone Cafè, Taste the Color05Pantone Cafè, Taste the Color06Pantone Cafè, Taste the Color07Pantone Cafè, Taste the Color10Pantone Cafè, Taste the Color11Pantone Cafè, Taste the Color12Pantone Cafè, Taste the Color

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