Lonely Houses by Sejkko

01Lonely Houses by Sejkko

Because being alone is not the same as being lonely

Lonely Houses is a photography series by Manuel Pita aka Sejkko.

“My houses often have the vibrancy of the place where I grew up, but they may confuse the viewer,” the artist says. “Sometimes they may feel lost, and out of place. some other times, they have a sense of self-containment, and of human warmth inside. My houses will always carry elements of the child in me, and my home dichotomy.

Manuel Pita is a scientist by training who studies artificial intelligence, cognitive science, complex systems and networks. In 2012 he began the path to becoming a self-taught fine art photographer, sharing his journey in social networks under the pseudonym of Sejkko, a name derived from a Japanese Kanji that means ‘sincere child’. Sejkko has evolved into what Manuel identifies with the part of himself that expresses his more artistic nature.

Sejkko seeks to document the links he perceives behind the opposite ends of different forms of polarity: the tropics and the arctic; the logical and the intuitive; living nature and evolving technology; the notions of loneliness and aloneness, as well as the complex forms of polarity existing more and more frequently inside people.

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02Lonely Houses by Sejkko03Lonely Houses by Sejkko04Lonely Houses by Sejkko

16Lonely Houses by Sejkko17Lonely Houses by Sejkko05Lonely Houses by Sejkko06Lonely Houses by Sejkko07Lonely Houses by Sejkko08Lonely Houses by Sejkko09Lonely Houses by Sejkko10Lonely Houses by Sejkko11Lonely Houses by Sejkko12Lonely Houses by Sejkko13Lonely Houses by Sejkko14Lonely Houses by Sejkko15Lonely Houses by Sejkko

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