Jack of the Dust

01Jack of the Dust

Jack of the Dust is based in Australia but ships world wide, Andy is pushing the limits through his creations with skulls that truly have to be seen to believed. forever bringing something new and fresh to the table concreting his title of the “skull lord”. His explosive creativity is explored through his canvas also known as the human skull. so jump on for the ride as we explore the refreshing imagination of jack of the dust.
Jack of the Dust offers affordable premium grade artistic adaptions of the human skull. each skull at jack of the dust is based on a life size European grade plastic human anatomy skull. on offer is an extensive range of skulls from the bright and colorful to the dark morbid and everything in between.

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02Jack of the Dust03Jack of the Dust04Jack of the Dust05Jack of the Dust06Jack of the Dust07Jack of the Dust08Jack of the Dust09Jack of the Dust10Jack of the Dust11Jack of the Dust12Jack of the Dust13Jack of the Dust14Jack of the Dust15Jack of the Dust16Jack of the Dust17Jack of the Dust19Jack of the Dust20Jack of the Dust

18Jack of the Dust

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