My Childhood by Sveta Dorosheva

01My Childhood by Sveta Dorosheva

“A selection of illustrations for a new book. The book is about kids, and illustrations are scenes from my childhood.”

Originally from Ukraine and currently based in Israel, Sveta Dorosheva (previously) is a freelance illustrator working in the areas of narrative illustration and art for books.
Sveta enjoys traditional drawing by hand, most of her illustrations are works in paper. Her anachronistic style of illustration and symbolic imagery take strong influence from fairy tales, folklore and mythologies.

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02My Childhood by Sveta Dorosheva03My Childhood by Sveta Dorosheva04My Childhood by Sveta Dorosheva05My Childhood by Sveta Dorosheva06My Childhood by Sveta Dorosheva07My Childhood by Sveta Dorosheva08My Childhood by Sveta Dorosheva09My Childhood by Sveta Dorosheva10My Childhood by Sveta Dorosheva11My Childhood by Sveta Dorosheva

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