Song of the Day: Bitter and Sweet by Ezio Bosso

Ezio Bosso (13 September 1971) is an Italian composer, classical musician and conductor.

Ezio Bosso is one of the most influential living composers. Currently the principal conductor of the London Strings, Bosso was a child prodigy formed in Vienna.
He has performed with the best orchestras in the world and he was applauded in the most famous theaters all over the world.

He was diagnosticated with ALS in 2011 ( Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, the disease brought to light by Lou Gehrig, Stephen Hawking, and the ice bucket challenge, among others).
In the same 2011 Ezio Bosso had surgery on the brain, but it did not bring significant gains.
ezio bosso1.jpg
– In a moment, I lost everything: speech, music, – says the musician in an interview. – I played and cried for months and months, I could not write anything. Music was no longer part of my life, it was far away, I could not catch her. And I realized that I could live without it. It was not terrible. It was different, it was a different experience. I realized that the music – it’s a part of me, but it is not me. That I am in the service of her.
Slowly, through the pain and frustration, Ezio Bosso has learned to live with their illness and the music returned to him.
– We, human beings, are beautiful, but often, who knows why, forget it, – he says. – There are no bad stories, but only sad or funny. We should fear only boredom. Now I find it hard to talk, I can no longer run, but I can still play. And at the very moment when my fingers touch the keys, I forget about my problems …  – via [People&Countries]

On October, 30, 2015 was released his first major studio album intitled “The 12th Room” and peaked at number three on the Italian FIMI albums chart.

Bosso has won several awards for his compositions, including the Australian Green Room Award, the Syracuse NY Award and two David of Donatello Awards. His musical compositions have appeared in various films, performance art and theatrical productions.

“Following a bird” live Sanremo 2016

“Ezio’s entrance onto the stage was full of emotion, to say the least. It was also an act of courage: “I am a slow man. I speak poorly. I am shy. But we have to rethink our way of evaluating the beauty of slowness and fragility.”

See him play and you will understand why. After you watch him performing the song in the video above, watch the video of the music festival below. The first part is in Italian, but watch just a few seconds in order to really understand what he’s talking about. When he comes out on stage you notice two things: first, his joy; second, you notice that he can barely sit up, speak, and struggles to control his movements.

And then he plays.
The title is “Following a bird,” which seems so appropriate, because that’s what you see happening: you follow the soul of that man, like a bird trapped in cage, fly free when his fingers touch the piano.” via [Aleteia]

“Always remember, music, like life, can only be done in one way: together” Ezio Bosso

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