Celestial Series by David Brodeur

01Celestial Series by David Brodeur

Celestial Series is a project by Chicago-based digital artist David Brodeur.
In this series Brodeur created an alien world with glowing crystals, berry-like plants, and candy shaped orbs that sprout from the ground.


02Celestial Series by David Brodeur

03Celestial Series by David Brodeur

04Celestial Series by David Brodeur05Celestial Series by David Brodeur06Celestial Series by David Brodeur07Celestial Series by David Brodeur08Celestial Series by David Brodeur09Celestial Series by David Brodeur11Celestial Series by David Brodeur12Celestial Series by David Brodeur13Celestial Series by David Brodeur14Celestial Series by David Brodeur10Celestial Series by David Brodeur.png

via [Colossal]

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One Response to Celestial Series by David Brodeur

  1. soooooo pretty !


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