Spring In Japan by Hidenobu Suzuki

01Spring In Japan by Hidenobu Suzuki

Magical photos of early spring in Japan captured by Hidenobu Suzuki.

“I am Japanese photographer.
My profession is beautician.
My photographs are like Japanese paintings. I think that realism is more Western style. Japanese like to express emotions and spiritual feelings through the landscape photography.
Contemporary theater, art and music stimulate the brain and increase mood. Emotional art heal people and leads the society to harmony. I took a challenge to capture emotions with my camera.
Using logical thinking at photography results in better attention to the detail, but there is a tendency to get bored. Working with feelings and looking for emotions is more relaxing.” Hidenobu Suzuki


02Spring In Japan by Hidenobu Suzuki03Spring In Japan by Hidenobu Suzuki04Spring In Japan by Hidenobu Suzuki05Spring In Japan by Hidenobu Suzuki06Spring In Japan by Hidenobu Suzuki07Spring In Japan by Hidenobu Suzuki08Spring In Japan by Hidenobu Suzuki09Spring In Japan by Hidenobu Suzuki10Spring In Japan by Hidenobu Suzuki11Spring In Japan by Hidenobu Suzuki

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One Response to Spring In Japan by Hidenobu Suzuki

  1. fabulous pictures !!!


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