Budapest Daylight by Greg Florent

01Budapest Daylight by Greg Florent

French photographer Greg Florent creates a stunning series of time-lapse photos showcasing the magic of Budapest both day and night in a single shot.

“Buda… Pest… two characters separated by the Danube.
Day… night… two atmospheres separated by an invisible thread.
Budapest, “pearl of Danube”, knows how to seduce at any hour, so why choose, when one can enjoy all its charms at the same time?
This series, made during a two-months stay in the Hungarian capital, required several thousands of photographs and has also been set in motion.” Greg Florent


02Budapest Daylight by Greg Florent03Budapest Daylight by Greg Florent04Budapest Daylight by Greg Florent05Budapest Daylight by Greg Florent06Budapest Daylight by Greg Florent07Budapest Daylight by Greg Florent08Budapest Daylight by Greg Florent09Budapest Daylight by Greg Florent11Budapest Daylight by Greg Florent12Budapest Daylight by Greg Florent13Budapest Daylight by Greg Florent14Budapest Daylight by Greg Florent10Budapest Daylight by Greg Florent

via [ArchDaily, this isn’t happiness]

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