Philip Jackson Sculptures

01Philip Jackson Sculptures

Philip Henry Christopher Jackson CVO DL (born 18 April 1944) is an award-winning Scottish sculptor, noted for his modern style and emphasis on form. Acting as Royal Sculptor to Queen Elizabeth II, his sculptures appear in numerous UK cities, as well as Argentina and Switzerland.

His ability to convey the human condition through skilful use of body language is legendary, producing figures both imposing and operatic in their narrative and presence, which are recognizable worldwide. Powerful and beautifully sculpted, Jackson’s meticulously precise posturing of each piece creates an overwhelming sense of drama. Whether with the prestigious, figuratively detailed public monuments and statues for which he is often commissioned, or his hauntingly elegant and theatrically enigmatic gallery sculptures, Philip Jackson’s work is truly awe inspiring – it never fails to move people.


02Philip Jackson Sculptures

03Philip Jackson Sculptures

04Philip Jackson Sculptures

05Philip Jackson Sculptures06Philip Jackson Sculptures07Philip Jackson Sculptures08Philip Jackson Sculptures09Philip Jackson Sculptures10Philip Jackson Sculptures11Philip Jackson Sculptures12Philip Jackson Sculptures13Philip Jackson Sculptures14Philip Jackson Sculptures15Philip Jackson Sculptures16Philip Jackson Sculptures17Philip Jackson Sculptures18Philip Jackson Sculptures19Philip Jackson Sculptures21Philip Jackson Sculptures

22Philip Jackson Sculptures23Philip Jackson Sculptures

20Philip Jackson Sculptures

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