Song of the Day: Red Fox by Tomahawk


This song is performed by Tomahawk and appears on the album Anonymous (2007).


Dancing with your nine tails,
welcoming me in,
I can feel the fur beneath your skin,
I’ll be sure to follow your call,

….come back to me,
I’m your two-legged one,

Skin-walker, skin-walker,
You are
Skin-walker, skin-walker, skin-walker
You are
(Repeat x3)

(Repeat x2)

Red hair and green eyes,
Don’t realize,
how to caress me back to life,
I am one of you now,

You can smell Lycan in her mind,
(native) swirling ’round,
(native) so I can feel (native),
Whisper goodbye to the wind,

Skin-walker, skin-walker
You are
Skin-walker, skin-walker, skin-walker
You are
(Repeat x6)

Skin-walker, skin-walker
You are

Bruja la bruja la bruja la bruja

(La bruja means “The Witch” in Spanish)


Anonymous is the third studio album by the musical supergroup Tomahawk. It was released on June 19, 2007 through Ipecac Recordings, the record label owned by Tomahawk vocalist Mike Patton. Anonymous charted in Australia, Norway and the United States.

Recorded after the departure of bass player Kevin Rutmanis, the songs on Anonymous are based on Native American compositions, which Denison had researched while touring Indian reservations with musician Hank Williams III.
During that tour, Denison had been listening to Native American rock groups and was disappointed “at how normal they sounded”, having expected to hear music that was “more aggressive, spookier and more kinetic” than the Southern rock and country rock he had heard. Denison found transcriptions of traditional music, and based his work for the album on these—the title Anonymous is a reference to the uncredited composers of this source material. The original compositions were mostly written with one melody line—often for a nose flute—with a simple accompaniment such as hand clapping. As a result, Denison has said the group “took a lot of liberties, and filled in a lot of space”, leaving much of the album newly composed around these simple frameworks. Denison has called Anonymous a “kind of a detour” from Tomahawk’s usual sound, and described it as a concept album.

The album has received mildly positive reviews, being described as faithful to its source material.




Origin USA
Genres Alternative metal, experimental rock, hard rock, alternative rock,native american music
Years active 1999–present
Labels Ipecac Recordings
Associated acts Fantômas, the Melvins, Mr. Bungle
Website Official Site
Members Mike Patton
Duane Denison
John Stanier
Trevor Dunn
Past members Kevin Rutmanis

image by Sam Hogg

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