Motivational Bandage Tattoos for Mental Wellbeing and Self Improvement

03Motivational Bandage Tattoos for Mental Wellbeing

These inspirational tattoos were created by Francesca Timbers, a Psychology graduate from London and owner of PopShopUK (etsy store). They have since been featured by DeviantArt, Tattoodo, 5 Seconds of Summer, Bustle, and have received a great reception on Tumblr.

Francesca successfully raised £4,657 with 327 backers on Kickstarter and now she want to turn to larger scale production, purchasing high quality printers, and hiring some part-time help, so that she can distribute these tattoos at a lower cost, and make them more accessible to a wider audience.

“The Motivational Tattoos were created with the intention to provide a pick-me-up and reminder for myself at times of high-stress and anxiety. Positive messages such as ‘You Can Do It!’ and ‘Be Strong’ serve as constant reminders on your skin throughout day-to-day life: commuting, at school, university, college, work, or at the gym. Whenever my friends and family see me wearing these, they know that I will need extra care and support that day..” Francesca

Website / Etsy Facebook / Instagram / Tumblr / Twitter / Deviantart

001Motivational Bandage Tattoos for Mental Wellbeing02Motivational Bandage Tattoos for Mental Wellbeing04Motivational Bandage Tattoos for Mental Wellbeing05Motivational Bandage Tattoos for Mental Wellbeing08Motivational Bandage Tattoos for Mental Wellbeing09Motivational Bandage Tattoos for Mental Wellbeing10Motivational Bandage Tattoos for Mental Wellbeing12

11Motivational Bandage Tattoos for Mental Wellbeing

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