The Map of the Universe Known by Pablo Carlos Budassi


Musician and artist vi has created a massive spherical image of the entire known universe using images from NASA, complex logarithmic maps and Photoshop.

“Then when I was drawing hexaflexagons for my sons birthday souvenirs, I started drawing central views of the cosmos and the solar system,” Budassi said. “That day the idea of a logarithmic view came and in the next days I was able to [assemble] it with Photoshop using images from NASA and some textures created by my own.”

The mind-blowing creation features the outer rings of the Milky Way, the Kuiper belt, Oort cloud, Alpha Centauri star, Perseus Arm, other nearby galaxies, the cosmic microwave radiation leftover from the Big Bang and ended with the ring of plasma also from the Big Bang.

A zoomable, full-sized version of Budassi’s stellar creation is available courtesy of the artist on Wikimedia Commons.


via [thinx/science.mic]

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2 Responses to The Map of the Universe Known by Pablo Carlos Budassi

  1. Dragallur says:

    Awesome picture I once saw it on Wikipedia but I did not know that Earth is turned upside down there :D


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