Background Artist Mateusz Urbanowicz (aka Mattō)

03from “Kimino Na Wa – Your Name is…”

Mateusz Urbanowicz aka Mattō is a background artist, animation creator currently working as an digital creator (Mainly doing animation background art) at Comix Wave Films animation studio in Tokyo.

He has done various illustration works for books and comics and he has also conducted many courses in using Adobe and Corel applications with Wacom graphics tablets in co-operation with WACOM Germany and Corel Poland.

Website / Behance / Pixiv

01from “Kimino Na Wa – Your Name is…”

“I have been working as a part of the art team doing backgrounds for the new feature length animated movie by Shinkai Makoto titled “君の名は。” (Kimino Na Wa – Your Name is…) due to be released summer 2016.

You can see three of the backgrounds I did so far featured in the official trailer (I took YouTube screenshots below).”

02from “Kimino Na Wa – Your Name is…”

08Right Places short animation

“The original story for “Right Places” was made as an animation storytelling challenge in the summer of 2011, thus animatic, script and storyboards for the long version where made. However, being a one-man-team, I decided that I will realize only a part of the story in form of a short trailer aiming for the highest quality of backgrounds and animation I could muster at that time. Learning a lot along the way I finished the first 40 seconds short trailer in march 2012.
After good response from Japanese animation industry I began working on the full length version which I finished in the December of 2012.”

12Right Places short animation

13Right Places short animation

16Right Places short animation

11Right Places short animation

10Right Places short animation

09Right Places short animation

14Right Places short animation

15Right Places short animation

“A new TV commercial directed by Yoshitoshi Shinomiya titled “Mottainai”, produced for a joint campaign by NHK and Advertising Council Japan (AC Japan).

“Mottainai” is a term which conveys a sense of regret concerning waste, both physical waste and wasteful action.
I was in charge of the backgrounds for this short animation and painted most of them myself.”

04Mottainai NHK TVCM Background

05Mottainai NHK TVCM Background

06Mottainai NHK TVCM Background

07Mottainai NHK TVCM Background

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