Animal Body, Human Space by Beth Cavener

Obariyon-detail-2_resize-1030x687 “Obariyon”

“Primitive animal instincts lurk in our own depths, waiting for the chance to slide past a conscious moment. The sculptures I create focus on human psychology, stripped of context and rationalization, and articulated through animal and human forms. On the surface, these figures are simply feral and domestic individuals suspended in a moment of tension. Beneath the surface, they embody the consequences of human fear, apathy, aggression, and misunderstanding.0

Both human and animal interactions show patterns of intricate, subliminal gestures that betray intent and motivation.
The things we leave unsaid are far more important than the words spoken out-loud to one another. I have learned to read meaning in the subtler signs; a look, the way one holds one’s hands, the incline of the head, and the slightest unconscious gesture. I rely on animal body language in my work as a metaphor for these underlying patterns, transforming the animal subjects into human psychological portraits.

I want to pry at those uncomfortable, awkward edges between animal and human. Entangled in their own internal and external struggles, the figures express frustration for the human tendency towards cruelty and lack of understanding. Something conscious and knowing is captured in their gestures and expressions. An invitation and a rebuke.”  Beth Cavener




01_lucedanzante_2013_beth_cavener “Luce Danzante” (dancing light)


01_tangledupinyou_2013_beth_cavener “Tangled Up In You”



01_TheCholeric_2010_beth_cavener-1030x858 “The Choleric” (The Wolf)



01_LAmante_2012_beth_cavener-1030x853 “L’Amante” (The Lover)

01_TheQuestionThatDevours_2012_beth_cavener “The Question That Devours”

01_TheSentimentalQuestion_2012_beth_cavener“The Sentimental Question”


01_Trapped_2015_beth_cavener-1030x581 “Trapped”


01_Forgiveness_2015_beth_cavener “Forgiveness”


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