Fusion Frame by Darryl Cox


“As much as I embrace convention in art, and I certainly do, my Fusion Frame art fulfills the part of me that says “no” to convention. That it is not only okay to be avant-garde, it is right. I like to embrace alternatives to an accepted order in art. To even, at times, completely ignore conventions when fashioning a piece and enjoy the unbounded ability to create by refusing to be limited by precept, artistically speaking.

Seeking out a unique frame and then spending a day in the Central Oregon forest searching for a just right piece of tree branch to blend with the frame is gratifying in and of itself. Then, each project involves woodworking, painting, and a bit of sculpting. Dedicating the hours of time fashioning a frame that merges a man-made as well as natural element into a single piece of art that captures so much imagination, is rewarding. Tailoring a frame with a special, sentimental object for someone is even more rewarding — it captures so much life!” Darryl Cox, JR

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via Colossal

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One Response to Fusion Frame by Darryl Cox

  1. mkmaloone says:

    Great post!! ♥ If you’re interested in digital art you can check out my blogs! It would be a great for my school project. :)


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