Venetian Floors by Sebastian Erras


Tourists in Venice stroll around with their noses stuck up in the air, enraptured by the lavish buildings. But they are losing half of the show.
If they looked down, they would spot a carpet of stones, marble, mosaic and glass. Venice has the most sumptuous floors in the world. Why? “In a city built on water” – the travel writer John Julius Norwich pointed out – “the endlessly shimmering reflections of churches and palaces constantly attracted the gaze [of Venetians] downward”. So they made that vision even more joyful through luxurious floors. Paving is a serious issue in Venice: stone keeps out damp from the lagoon and drives the summer’s heat away. The German photographer Sebastian Erras has walked around Venice to capture its most beautiful floors. “I was curious to discover a new side of Venice that is probably not so well known, as people usually don’t pay attention to floors”, he says. Erras is famous for a similar project he carried out in Paris. Parisian floors is a unique collection of pictures of the French capital’s floors, photographed in the “selfeet” style, with the feet of the photographer included.

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7_4_osteria_rivetta_santa_croceSestiere Santa Croce – Osteria Rivetta

3_4_san_roccoScuola Grande di San Rocco

1_1_pisani_morettaPalazzo Pisani Moretta

7_2_cafe_sestiere_san_marcoCafè Sestiere San Marco

1_2_ca_sagredo_hotelCa’ Sagredo Hotel

1_3_palazzo_grassiPalazzo Grassi

1_4_pisani_morettaPalazzo Pisani Moretta

1_5_hotel_gritti_palaceHotel Gritti Palace

2_1_ca_doroGalleria Giorgio Franchetti – Ca’ Doro

2_4_ca_doroGalleria Giorgio Franchetti – Ca’ Doro

2_5_ca_doroGalleria Giorgio Franchetti – Ca’ Doro

3_2_san_giovanniScuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista

3_3_san_giovanniScuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista

3_5_san_roccoScuola Grande di San Rocco

4_1_sestiere_san_marcoSestiere di San Marco

4_3_laboratorio_orsoniLaboratorio Orsoni

6_1_teatro_feniceSale Apollinee – Teatro la Fenice

6_2_teatro_feniceTeatro la Fenice

6_5_teatro_feniceSale Apollinee – Teatro la Fenice

7_1_cafe_florianCaffè Florian

7_3_cafe_sestiere_san_marcoSestiere San Marco

8_1_marcianaBiblioteca Nazionale Marciana

8_4_alliance_franceseAlliance Francaise di Venezia

Download the map of Sebastian’s stroll around Venice

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