The Rivers of Hell and Dante’s Inferno Recreated in Lego

01Acheron “The Acheron, river of woe, is the first river reached by the dead on their final journey. Countless souls are whisked across the black depths by Charon, ferryman of Hades. Each soul pays but one coin to cross yet Charon’s wealth must equal that of Midas himself.”

Mihai Marius Mihu and Tyler (The Deathly Halliwell) are two talented (LEGOs) builders.
Mihai’s unique style and vision and Tyler’s execution were combined together to create their own vision of the mythological rivers of the Greek underworld.

Tyler (The Deathly Halliwell) /  Mihai Marius Mihu


02Styx “The Styx, river of hate, tumbles from cliffs and past a thorny shore. This river, central to the oaths of the Gods, offers no comfort to the souls of the dead. On its shore stalk the Erinyes, visiting justice upon criminal souls.”



Cocytus “The Cocytus, river of wailing, pools its stinking depths around those who deserve unending torture. This foul swamp offers little reprieve to Sisyphus as he again approaches the summit, thinking that this time may be his last. Here also Ixion turns on his wheel, mud and flies coating his flesh for eternity.”




Lethe “The Lethe, river of forgetfulness, winds through the cave of Hypnos and across the plains of Hell. It is here that spirits come, drinking deep of its waters and forgetting their mortal lives. Atop his cave, Hypnos dreams.”




Phlegethon “The Phlegethon, river of fire, churns through the bowels of Hell, boiling the souls of the damned. As it coils down to the deepest depths of Hell it approaches that prison of the titans, dreadful Tartarus. The great guardian beast Cerberus patrols this river as well as it travels the borders of the underworld.”



The nine circles of hell from Dante’s Inferno are recreated in Lego by Mihai Mihu.

Dante’s Inferno (Hell), widely hailed as one of the great classics of Western literature, details Dante’s journey through the nine circles of Hell with  his guide, the eminent Roman poet Virgil.

06First Circle (Limbo) 

07Second Circle (Lust)








via [brothers-brick][worldOfDante]

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