365 Origami Crane Project by Icarus.mid.air

01.365 Origami Crane Project#294 “This crane is an eulogy for the past, and a whispered hope that I would get back my future nights.”

“Exceptionally ordinary origami enthusiast and puer aeternus.
Embarked on a 365 days art project which serves as an open diary: each day summarised and described with the help of an origami crane.” Cristian Marianciuc

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02.365 Origami Crane Project#290 ‘Cristian and the cranes’ crane

03.365 Origami Crane Project#252 September smoke crane

04.365 Origami Crane Project#185 adagio crane

05.365 Origami Crane Project#304 flickers crane

06.365 Origami Crane Project#260 Hermes crane

15.365 Origami Crane Project#315 surrender crane

16.365 Origami Crane Project#187 I need another holiday crane

17.365 Origami Crane Project#295 premonition crane

18.365 Origami Crane Project#224 stretch out our wings crane

19.365 Origami Crane Project#194 nautical crane

07.365 Origami Crane Project#257 serenity crane

08.365 Origami Crane Project#230 big (small) jet plane crane

09.365 Origami Crane Project#306 Icarus mid air crane

10.365 Origami Crane Project#313 ability crane

11.365 Origami Crane Project#311 vivid dreams crane

12.365 Origami Crane Project#233 flesh deep crane

13.365 Origami Crane Project#139 Mondays are not that bad crane

14.365 Origami Crane Project#287 evergreen crane

00365 Origami Crane Project

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One Response to 365 Origami Crane Project by Icarus.mid.air

  1. susurrus says:

    I love the way the cranes are accessorized! Thanks for sharing.


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