The Outstanding Visual Storytelling of Lane Brown

Communion by Wildweasel339Communion

Lane Brown is an illustrator and concept artist from South Carolina.
“My passion is for any imaginative subject with great story and characters.”

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Zenobia by Wildweasel339Zenobia – Book cover for: Daughter of Sand and Stone by Libbie Hawker
Zenobia was a 3rd-century Queen of the Palmyrene Empire in Syria, who led a famous revolt against the Roman Empire.  She expanded the empire, conquering Egypt and expelling the Roman prefect, Tenagino Probus, who was beheaded after he led an attempt to recapture the territory. She ruled over Egypt until 274, when she was defeated and taken as a hostage to Rome by Emperor Aurelian.  It is said that she was paraded through the streets of Rome, bound by chains of gold.

Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra by Wildweasel339Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra – This is an alternate illustration for a historical fiction book: Daughter of Sand and Stone by Libbie Hawker

House of Rejoicing by Wildweasel339Book cover for House of Rejoicing, by Libbie Hawker

Storm in the Sky by Wildweasel339Book cover for Storm in the Sky – Part II of the Book of Coming Forth by Day – by Libbie Hawker

Archer by Wildweasel339Archer

The Blind Follower by Wildweasel339The Blind Follower – The blind follower suffers the fate of their master. Be wary, lest you confuse a jester for a king.

Crone by Wildweasel339Crone

Cloak by Wildweasel339Cloak

Calibration by Wildweasel339Calibration

The Toll by Wildweasel339The toll of temptation.

Defend Your Nuts by Wildweasel339Defend Your Nuts

The Tribe Kids by Wildweasel339The Tribe Kids

The slim girl often won our foot races,
She would always look back just to see our faces.

Our race this morning was near complete,
when the water began to churn beneath our feet.

She mistook our warning cries for cheers,
A tragedy which left us all in tears.

Aqueos by Wildweasel339Aqueos is a port city surrounded and entangled by an overgrowing forest. Though once pristine, it has now become a refuge for pirates, smugglers, and invasive tree growth.

The Dancing Dagger by Wildweasel339The Dancing Dagger

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