The Wonder Charcoals by Stephanie Inagaki

Pillars - Satine

A Southern California native, Stephanie Inagaki received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Boston University’s College of Fine Arts and her Master of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute. After studying abroad in Italy and living in major cities around the United States, she has returned to her roots to establish herself as a multifaceted artist in Los Angeles.

Website / Facebook / Instagram / Etsy

Pillars - Karen

Pillars - Ver

Pillars - Stephanie

The Exorcism Triptych

La Luz de Jesus Coaster Show 2014

(A) Murder of Crows - Speaking in Tongues

Love's Embrace

Amor et Fidelitas

The Dream Cycle

Creatures of Habit

The Vampiric Deception of Disembodied (Souls)

The Cleansing Blossoms

Dream Guardian Guarding Dreams

Kistune Simulacrum

The Wedding Funeral

Futakuchi Doppelganger

Nesting - Kitsune

Nesting - Nekomata

Nesting - Karasu

Nesting - Ningyo

(A) Murder of Crows - Part 2

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One Response to The Wonder Charcoals by Stephanie Inagaki

  1. Anonymous says:

    What an amazing body of work!


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