Dot: the World’s First Braille Smartwatch

The smart braille watch, ‘DOT’ is a wearable device that outputs text in braille. As well as all the functions of a regular watch, the smartwatch outputs every notification (alarm, text message, etc.) received on a smartphone. The watch even has a simple voice recording feature that can run without being connected to a mobile device. The price of the product is targeted under US$300.

Dot Incorporation believes everyone has a right to literacy, including people living with blindness. Research shows that braille is crucial for blind people in being literate, and increases the chance for academic success and employment. However, the braille literacy rate is dwindling globally due to many circumstances; one of the main factors are the cost of braille devices.

To fix this problem, the dot team produced the world’s very first active braille smartwatch, which will enable access to affordable education and effective communication. The team is also looking forward to the prospect of creating a public braille module in bank ATMs that will increase financial information accessibility among the visually impaired. Upon completion, the braille module will be modified to appear in public transportation and home appliances such as a furnace, microwave, and rice cooker. The research is also set towards manufacturing an affordable Ipad-like device that renders various shapes and mathematical equations, as well as text, using multiple braille cell arrays.

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