Stellar, an Amazing “Roller Coaster” of 1.200 Chairs by Baptiste Debombourg

Located at the Place du Bouffay in Nantes, this amazing installation created by Baptiste Debombourg utilizes 1.200 cafe chairs stuck together to form an impressive roller coaster.

It is only natural that Baptiste Debombourg designed his project after observing the Place du Bouffay and the great presence of outdoor cafés and restaurants. An outdoor patio is synonymous with socializing. The chair composing it can be seen as representative of a person. The artist decided to play with this presence by creating a large aerial sculpture that contradicts the gravity of everyone anchored to the ground. In a dialogue with the volume of the public square and the height of the buildings, two ellipses of chairs rise up into the air, meet, and then separate. The shape also takes its inspiration from an artwork that Robert Delaunay made for the “Palais de l’Air” during the Paris World’s Fair in 1937. In it, the artist put man back in his place as an integral part of his environment, subjected to its lawsLe Voyage à Nantes

You can visit Debombourg’s installation as part of Le Voyage à Nantes until August 20th.


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