Disney/Who Crossovers Series by Karen Hallion

Come Away with Me Small Print (Item 03-008-AA)Come Away with Me

What if, instead of going home and waiting for her prince to find her, Cinderella went off on an adventure with a strange man in a blue box?

Disney/Who is a series by Massachusetts based artist and illustrator Karen Hallion.
Why isn’t the Doctor’s hand reaching out of the Tardis in every Disney/Who design you do? “I feel strongly that I do not want to show more of the Doctor than just his hand and sleeve. I want to leave it up to the viewer to decide which Doctor is in there, though for me, there is a clear choice. But, I am keeping that to myself. Spoilers! Anyway, sometimes, when the Tardis is at a different angle, I can’t show the Doctor’s hand without giving away more, so I keep the door shut. :D”

Karen graduated with a BFA in Illustration and became a dedicated elementary school art teacher for many years, before deciding to follow her long held dream to work as a full-time artist. She created this Etsy shop alone in her home one day as a way to sell her mermaid series, listing items, filling orders, and growing her business all on her own. It has continued to expand to what you see today.

Facebook Etsy shop / Society6

Cannot hide Who I am inside

Visions are Seldom all They Seem by khallionVisions are Seldom all They Seem – “I know Who, I walked with him once upon a dream…”

Adventure in the Great, Wide Somewhere… – She wanted so much more than they had planned…

You Comin’ Blondie? – You said you wanted to see the lights?

Part of Every World Large Print (Item 03-034-CC)Part of Every World – She was longing to be part of a different world, and a strange man in a blue box appeared, offering to show her every world….

A New Fate – Merida follows the wisps, and they lead her to a strange blue box.

Touch the Sky...then the Stars. by khallionTouch the Sky …then the Stars



Come Along, Carl – Carl and Ellie are finally getting their adventure…

I’m Wishing

Escape from the Dark Forest – Having just escaped the huntsman, alone in the dark forest, a strange blue box appears…

Who's this? Who's this? by khallionWho’s this? Who’s this? – “Oh, there’s an empty place in my bones
That calls out for something unknown”

A Whole New Universe by khallionA Whole New Universe

Big Bad Wolf by khallionBig Bad Wolf – Red found a different kind of wolf in the forest.

Cindy Lou WHO by khallionCindy Lou WHO – “Why are you taking our Christmas tree?”

The Princess and the Doctor by khallionThe Princess and the Doctor

Who wants to Build a Snowman? by khallionWho wants to Build a Snowman – It doesn’t have to be a snowman….

Frozen in Time and Space by khallionFrozen in Time and Space – Elsa finds something unusual in her ice palace.

Nanny Who

Falling Medium Print (Item 03-014-BB)Falling – Alice found some interesting things down in that rabbit hole…..

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4 Responses to Disney/Who Crossovers Series by Karen Hallion

  1. Roxane says:

    Beautiful! All of them (:


  2. Virginia Cerezo says:

    Love this!!


  3. Son Pennisi says:

    I have 150+ cards to do, which is why I haven’t been producing as many of my own designs. Over the next few days we re going to be sharing some of Karen Hallion s ridiculously fantastic artwork for Wizard School.


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