Ceramic Repetitons by Albert Yonathan Setyawan

Watchers – Ceramic – slip casting, 72x69x7 cm, 2014

Albert Yonathan Setyawan started his study in ceramic in 2002 at Faculty of visual art, Bandung Institute of Technology. In his works he combined simplified forms of human, animals, plants, and geometric shapes and usually arrange them repetitively into a geometric configuration. He believe that repetition stands as a mantra even for our simple daily activities. For him repetition is the way to express his fascination in human spirituality. He believes in the spiritual connection between human and nature.


Guardians01Guardians – Ceramic – slip casting, 150x80x10 cm, 2013


Morning Star – Ceramic – slip casting, 60x180x4 cm, 2014

Divine Radiance01Divine Radiance – Ceramic – slip casting, 90x90x4 cm, 2014

Divine Radiance02

Efflorescence – Ceramic – slip casting, 65x125x3 cm, 2013

Concordia01Concordia – Ceramic – slip casting, 100x100x5 cm, 2013


Symmetrical Flight – Ceramic – slip casting, decals, 120x120x13 cm, 2011

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