Colors, Lights and Magic by Kali Ciesemier

 Making the World a Better Place – Cover for Progressive Magazine–an idea that originally came to me in a dream! Dec/Jan 2014 AD Nick Jehlen

Kali Ciesemier is a very talented freelance illustrator based in New York.
In each illustration the composition, the use of colors and lightings are simply gorgeous, there is a clear study of proportion and a magistral use of spaces.

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Who Will Care For Me? – Article about aging baby boomers without children, for Boston Globe Magazine, AD Ryan Huddle

Bosozoku Battle – Originally made for the Lady Knights//Women Warriors zine, later offered as a ltd ed screenprint at SPX 2013. Who doesn’t like motorcycles and maces?

Maria Callas Google Doodle – I drew the Google homepage doodle for legendary opera singer Maria Callas’ birthday! AD Sophia Foster-Dimino, Dec 2 2013

Omoide Yokocho – A tiny series of alleyways and yakitori stalls in Shinjuku, Tokyo, otherwise known as ‘Memory Lane’ or ‘Piss Alley’. Originally made for Light Grey Art Lab’s In Place Book & Show

Newt’s Emerald – Handlettered E-book cover for one of my favorite authors, Garth Nix! A Regency Romance (with magic!) about 18 yr old Lady Truthful Newington and the double life she must lead to pursue her house’s stolen heirloom.

SEED – Originally made for Mike Mitchell’s SPACE show at Gallery 1988. Inspired by NASA’s 1970’s space colony designs & my deep love of sci-fi.

Priestess by Kali CiesemierPriestess

The Dead of Winter – Mock-cover for fun, inspired by old Nancy Drew novels

Domestic Etch – Handlettered cover for Domestic Etch magazine, based on the theme ‘The Past’

Space Mariner – For fun! Because interstellar harpoons are cool

It's Oh So Quiet by Kali CiesemierIt’s Oh So Quiet – Originally created for Nobrow 9 around the theme “It’s Oh So Quiet”

Fried Egg & Kimchi Sandwich by Kali CiesemierFried Egg & Kimchi Sandwich

1200 Posters – Ltd ed poster for 1200 posters, based on a quote about community ‘Invite Everyone Who Cares to Work on What’s Possible’. Read more here!

Olympic Uniforms – Sex appeal vs performance and practicality in female Olympic uniforms. Boston Globe Magazine, AD Ryan Huddle

Bat babe by Kali CiesemierBat babe

The Sword of the Morning by Kali CiesemierThe Sword of the Morning – Everyone’s favorite legendary Kingsguard, Ser Arthur Dayne!

The North by Kali CiesemierThe North

Relic by Kali CiesemierRelic

The Gardener by Kali CiesemierThe Gardener – 2nd in the “Eccentric Millionaires” series

Conqueror & Catbeast

The Savoy Affair by Kali CiesemierThe Savoy Affair

Louve Heist by Kali CiesemierLouve Heist

Louve Heist (superhero edition) by Kali CiesemierLouve Heist (superhero edition)


All images © Kali Ciesemier 2013, do not use without permission.

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