Elegant Aquamarine Gem Crystal with Clevelandite and Muscovite

“This piece looks carved. This fantastic gem crystal is unearthly in its gemminess and sharpness. It represents the ultimate quality level to which the collector can aspire, if funds are available, and sophistication allows appreciation of perfection at any size. Having see literally thousands of Pakistani aquas in the last 20 years, this one, mined years ago, is special. It has an impact beyond its size and a quality that places it in the top percent of a percentile of all the similar specimens mined. The associations with matrix and a slight garnet inclusion serve to enhance the sense of ethereal clarity and perfection of the crystal itself. Aside from a few very small natural growth contacts on the side, it is pristine and perfect all around and looks equally good from all four sides. The photos makes this look like a killer, and it is, but even their accuracy does not convey the piece’s full impact in person. Price on Request for serious buyers. Joe Budd photos.” TheCurator’sEye

Location of Origin: Middle East / Western Asia / Northern Africa
Medium/Materials: Natural Fine Mineral Specimen
Dimensions: 7.8 x 3.8 x 3.5 cm

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi there – would you mind fixing the copyright? This specimen/image copyright are held by http://www.iRocks.com – product page at http://www.irocks.com/minerals/specimen/38392



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