The Impressive Digital Paintings by Darek Zabrocki

In search of Sunrise

Darek Zabrocki is a concept artist , illustrator living in Cambridge, UK. In 2007, he switched from traditional techniques to digital painting and began dealing with this professionally. He loves facing new challenges and constantly tries his best in unknown. He believes that going for new things expands his horizons, giving him extra energy to continue working. In addition, he also likes experimenting and exploring new techniques. His clients list includes companies like: Ubisoft, Square Enix, Sony, Guerrilla Games, Axis Animation, BigPoint studio, Firaxis Games, 20th Century Fox, Isotx and more.

 Website / Facebook / Deviantart

Prague #2

15min speedpaint Flying Army

Dusk river

War Paint

Crash Area


Coruscant #2

River view

Carpe Noctem

Lake town attack (30 min speedpaint)

Coruscant Star Wars

Into 2015!


Red lights

Exploration Enviro

Walking on the street

Prague Electric Castle

Blade Runner Paris

Me and my Umbrella


Imperial March…

Transylvanian Castle

Imperial Walkers

Mystic Dragon


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One Response to The Impressive Digital Paintings by Darek Zabrocki

  1. That is amazing!!


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