Japanese Whiskey Brand Crafts Intricately CNC-milled Ice Cubes

japanese whiskey brand crafts intricately CNC-milled ice cubes

Suntory is one of the oldest and most renowned japanese whiskey brewing and distilling companies. Recently this 100 year old brand decided to work with the newest technological systems for the new campaign.

“3D on the Rocks by SUNTORY is an innovative way to enjoy whisky. Savor your whisky with beautiful ice creation in your favorite shape, forged with the laest technology.
Whisky produced with the finest craftsmanship togheter with ice made with fresh spring water. Come, delight yourself in the art of Japanese Whisky.” Suntory

Website / 3D on the Rocks

CNC-milled-ice-cubes-japanese-brewing-suntory-designboom-02underwater shark




CNC-milled-ice-cubes-japanese-brewing-suntory-designboom-11designer chair

CNC-milled-ice-cubes-japanese-brewing-suntory-designboom-12winged victory

CNC-milled-ice-cubes-japanese-brewing-suntory-designboom-13the david


CNC-milled-ice-cubes-japanese-brewing-suntory-designboom-07milling away the roof of the temple-shaped ice cube

CNC-milled-ice-cubes-japanese-brewing-suntory-designboom-01cutting into the block of ice with the CNC machine

CNC-milled-ice-cubes-japanese-brewing-suntory-designboom-08finishing touches are applied to the temple-shaped ice

via [Designboom]

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