Ash Beads Allow You to Have Your Loved One Close to You

“I’m Merry Coor and I live in Eureka California, a small coastal town in Humboldt County. I began making glass beads in 2000.
Last year, a young couple asked me if I could incorporate some of the ashes from a dear friend lost too soon into a bead as a keepsake. I was honored to do this service for them. My bead making now gave me a new purpose, and a way to honor others, both living and passed.
The experience was amazing for me. As I made this special glass bead, I meditated, pondered, and let my mind free. I felt it was one of the most important beads I had ever made in my life, and I’ve made thousands of beads over the years. When the couple returned to pick up their beads, we felt we had connected, we cried, and we hugged each other. They had a tangible touchstone, housing the ashes of their loved one as a keep sake, and I had found a new dimension to my art.” Merry Coor

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