Maki Hino and her Paper Dolls

 I'm staring out the world  (2014)I’m staring out the world (2014)

Maki Hino is a greatly talented artist from Japan.
She started making all-jointed dolls under Simon Yotsuya at ‘Ecole de Simon’, after few years she learned to make dolls under Ryo Yoshida at ‘Pygmalion’.
Now Maki makes these unique and gorgeous paper dolls.
Each paper doll is cutted, painted and pasted on a white paper and has an unique personality and rich of delicate intricate details.
“I’m fascinated by ‘human-shape’” Maki Hino

Website / Deviantart

かげ shadows (2014)かげ shadows (2014)

Good Night  (2013)Good Night (2013)

いつまでも消えない never gone (2014)いつまでも消えない never gone (2014)

人魚が帰る晩 The Night They Leave (2014)人魚が帰る晩 The Night They Leave (2014)

わたしの中の一羽の鳥 a bird in me (2014)わたしの中の一羽の鳥 a bird in me (2014)

夜毎の対話 dialogue in nights (2014)夜毎の対話 dialogue in nights (2014)

夜がくる Night is coming (2014)夜がくる Night is coming (2014)

午後  afternoon  (2012)午後 afternoon (2012)

Oiseaux noirs (2015) by makihinoOiseaux noirs (2015)

chat  noir  (2014)chat noir  (2014)

月が見えたら Mermaid (2014)月が見えたら Mermaid (2014)

空のこどもたち  children of the sky  (2013)空のこどもたち children of the sky (2013)

青い鳥の町  Bluebird town  (2013)青い鳥の町 Bluebird town (2013)

手紙 a  letter (2014)手紙 a letter (2014)

おきててごらん Secret of the snowy night (2014)おきててごらん Secret of the snowy night (2014)

Merry-go-round  (2013)Merry-go-round (2013)

And you say good bye  (2013)And you say good bye (2013)

冬のにおい  winter smells  (2012)冬のにおい winter smells (2012)

白いおへや  my white room  (2012)白いおへや my white room (2012)

月の帰宅  Moon back to home  (2013)月の帰宅 Moon back to home (2013)

まど  window  (2013)まど window (2013)

鳥になって  I will be a bird  (2013)鳥になって I will be a bird (2013)

魚の眠る時間  when fish sleep  (2013)魚の眠る時間 when fish sleep (2013)

鳥の背中に  on bird's back  (2010)鳥の背中に on bird’s back (2010)

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4 Responses to Maki Hino and her Paper Dolls

  1. Outstanding artist! Thanks for sharing this beautiful collection!


  2. Oh this is incredibly beautiful… Thank you for finding this for us! :)


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  4. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic !!!


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