Mesmerizing Illustrations by Corinne Reid

Wild Dog by AndolediusWild Dog – Based on the story “Wild dog” From the book “Strange tales from a Chinese Studio”

Corinne Reid is a talented artist from America. Her gorgeous illustrations are a perfect combination of texture and colors, almost mesmerizing.

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Silent Dreams by AndolediusSilent Dreams – “A piece for Kat Von D’s Wonderland gallery. It focuses on celebrating the innovation and imagination of Helen Keller.”Corinne Reid

Stigma by AndolediusStigma

The Kings Request by AndolediusThe Kings Request – “Piece I made for Gallery Nucleus’s Upcoming show “Breath of Embers” Starting October 8th in Alhambra, LA!”Corinne Reid



Tango by AndolediusTango

Ripple Effect by AndolediusRipple Effect

“The illustration intended to be much, much happier, however after reading of the life and experiences of Laika, the first dog sent into orbit, her story stuck with me. It is meant to convey the “rushed” operation to achieve reaching outer space, exploiting Laika’s calm, inviting demeanor and inevitably costing her her life. Most of the illustrations celebrate Laika as the first dog in space, forgetting that she had little choice in the matter. Despite the monument held in her honor, scientists admitted that due to the rushed deadline to build the rocket and the information gained after her demise, it was not worth the sacrifice of life.”Corinne Reid


Flowers of Illusion by AndolediusFlowers of Illusion – “Based on the chinese short story “flowers of illusion””Corinne Reid

Painted Skin by Andoledius Painted Skin – “Piece done for the chinese short story, “The painted Skin””Corinne Reid

Containability to Sustainability

Untitled by Andoledius

Kitty Cone Art PrintKitty Cone




Waterborn by AndolediusWaterborn


Magic Paintbrush by AndolediusMagic Paintbrush – “this is a conceptual piece i did last semester of the short story “The Magic Paintbrush”, some of you may know it”Corinne Reid

Talking Pupils by AndolediusTalking Pupils – “Based off the short story “talking pupils”. Its about a man who is cursed, and as a result goes blind, leaving his beautiful orchids left to whither and die.
Also the cascading tear flow is actually in the story, i did not make him emo on purpose”Corinne Reid


Self Contained by AndolediusSelf Contained

Cloudcover by AndolediusCloudcover

The Massacre by AndolediusThe Massacre – “A conceptual take on the “Wounded Knee Massacre” which happened on December 29th, 1890. It was a terrible and tragic event, in which hundreds of American Indians were slaughtered for no reason at all. This was done for the upcoming department show my college has, and as a senior i am required to participate The buffalo represent the U.S. army, taken from the nickname some soldiers received, aptly named “buffalo soldiers”. The olves/coyotes/foxes/canines of course, represent the American Indians. ” Corinne Reid

Thanksgiving by AndolediusThanksgiving


Road to Nowhere

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