Dark Matter by Alexander Semenov

Sea Butterfly

“Many marine species can’t be photographed underwater for a variety of different reasons. Some animals are too small, some spend their life burrowed in the seafloor, and some live in the dark depths where nobody can dive. At our station, we collect specimens using different methods and as a result are able to make photos and then show a wide range of animals, which we haven’t previously seen in their natural environment. You can see some of them here in this project, and also it contains photos of some more common, yet very beautiful White Sea inhabitants.” by Alexander Semenov

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Sea Butterfly : Pteropod mollusc Limacina Helicina. This small black-winged creature lives in the White sea and it is the food of Clione limacina – Sea angel


Coryphella polaris

Coryphella nobilis

Hyperia galba

Pseudopotamilla reniformis

Sea Angel – Clione limacina


Pterosyllis finmarchica

A bristleworm – Polychaeta Eteone longa

Ghost – Dendronotus dalii

Coryphella verrucosa

Cocon of polychaeta Cirratulus cirratus with autonomic tentacles

Alitta virens

Unidentified White sea amphipoda.

Spaghetti worm – Trichobranchiidae

Pharynx of Nephtis sp.

Underwater horse – Aristas timidus

Green-leaf worm – Polychaeta Eulalia viridis

Hellboy – Or Hellboy’s horse. Acanthonozoma inflatum

Precuthona – Rare White sea seaslug Precuthona sp.

Clione Cthulhu

Lepidonotus LEDs – Fluorescence of polynoid worm Lepidonotus squamatus


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2 Responses to Dark Matter by Alexander Semenov

  1. Wow, absolutely stunning images! Thanks for sharing these beautiful creatures!


  2. wow !! you have some beauties there !!!!!


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