Weekly Mermaid Project by Renee Nault

Mermaid Transformation

Canadian illustrator Renee Nault mostly works in watercolor and inks.
For much of the year she has painting a new mermaid every Friday.
“The 2015 Mermaid wall calendar is here! Last years mermaid calendar was so popular I had to reprint it, and it still sold out, so order soon if you want to get your hands on one!”

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Red Mermaid

Black Mermaid

Yellow Mermaid

Pink and Pearls Mermaid

Antler Coral Mermaid

Green Mermaid

Shark Mermaid

Black and Red Mermaid

Pale Blu Mermaid

Artic Mermaid

Leaf Coral Mermaid

Coral Mermaid

Gold and Black Mermaid

Silver Merman

Pink Mermaid

White Mermaid

Gold Mermaid

Kelp Forest Mermaid

Lionfish Mermaid

Jellyfish Mermaid

Octopus Mermaid

Lavender Mermaid

Pale Pink Mermaid

Mangrove Mermaid

Mint Green Mermaid

Huntress Mermaid

Sea Snail Mermaid

Sea Urchin Mermaid

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One Response to Weekly Mermaid Project by Renee Nault

  1. These are fantastic, love them all! Thank you for sharing these treasures!


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