Song of the Day: Exploration from Coraline Soundtrack

Exploration is a song by Bruno Coulais, Mathilde Pellegrini, Helene Breschand, Hungrarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest & Laurent Petitgirard.
Coraline is a stop-motion film (released on Feb 6, 2009) based on Neil Gaiman’s award-winning book about a girl who discovers a portal to a hostile parallel world.

Early in the production of the movie, They Might Be Giants created several songs for the film. In an interview Flansburgh said “They basically wanted the music to be more creepy. It was unfortunate — we did a lot of sort of preliminary work, there were a lot of false starts, and we never really found a rhythm to work with them.” Director Henry Selick stated “They actually did some other demo songs that are brilliant, they are beautiful, but the film just kind of changed; it wasn’t going to become a musical. I was very happy to work with them and I’d love to work with them on another show where they have like ten songs in it. I’m wondering whether to convince them to write all new songs for their, like, Yellow Submarine, or to just work with them and pick the ten best songs and see if I can find a way to string them together for a story”.
One song that did make the final cut is for John Hodgman’s character the Other Father to sing to Coraline, “where the piano comes to life and plays him”.
However, the song “Careful What You Pack” came out of the Coraline sessions and, after not being used for the film, was released on The Else. In subsequent interviews, the band has mentioned that the other unused songs that resulted from the Coraline project will get released eventually and that they were fully paid for their work on the soundtrack even though the songs were not used. [ThisMightBeAWiki]

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4 Responses to Song of the Day: Exploration from Coraline Soundtrack

  1. clisawork says:

    Hi – I love the music you posted here and noticed that when I clicked on it, that it went to grooveshark. How do you insert music from grooveshark into wordpress? I would love to be able to do that! Thanks! Lisa Cox


  2. clisawork says:

    Thank you so much! I love your blog – and you are so helpful too! Happy Friday!

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  3. Chiara. says:

    You’re too kind. ^^


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