The Dancing Rest is Charlie Hebdo

I Am Charlie Hebdo


charliehebdo-cartoons-17Drawing by Lucille Clerc (French illustrator in London)

Illustrators and cartoonists around the world are paying tribute to those killed in the terrible shooting that just occurred at the offices of Paris-based satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo. 12 people were killed by the masked gunmen, including Charlie Hebdo’s editor and publisher Stéphane “Charb” Charbonnier, and three cartoonists Jean “Cabu” Cabut, Georges Wolinski, and Bernard Verlhac (known as “Tignous”). via [booooooom]

Many artists and newspapers took to Twitter using the hashtag #charliehebdo and #jesuischarlie to respond to the killings:

charliehebdo-cartoons-03Drawing by Jean Jullien (France)

charliehebdo-cartoons-10Drawing by David Pope (Australia)

charliehebdo-cartoons-15Drawing by Steve Bell, for The Guardian

charliehebdo-cartoons-11Drawing by Dave Brown, for the Independent

charliehebdo-cartoons-01Drawing by MATT, for The Telegraph

charliehebdo-cartoons-06Drawing by Ann Telnaes, for The Washington Post (USA)

charliehebdo-cartoons-02Drawing by Mala Imagen (Chile)

charliehebdo-cartoons-04Drawing by Ruben L. Oppenheimer (Netherlands)

charliehebdo-cartoons-05Drawing by Joep Bertrams (Netherlands)

charliehebdo-cartoons-08Drawing by Francisco J. Olea (Chile)

charliehebdo-cartoons-09Drawing by Satish Acharya (India)

charliehebdo-cartoons-12Drawing by Michael de Adder (Canada)

charliehebdo-cartoons-13Drawing by Tom Toles, for The Washington Post

charliehebdo-cartoons-14Drawing by Patrick Chappatte, for International New York Times

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