Stars & Mermaids by Rob Rey

We Are Made of Stars

Originally from a suburb north of Chicago, Rob hiked across New England on the Appalachian Trail before going on to study at the Rhode Island School of Design, graduating there with a BFA in Illustration. Rob continues to reside in Providence, Rhode Island.

Mythological stories work to connect their listeners to the world around them, using narrative and wonder to help individuals understand where they fit in the grand scheme of life. Historical mythologies have used a vast diversity of themes and characters to accomplish this goal in ways appropriate to their culture, adopting both fantasy elements as well as many historical or semi-historical events, people, and places. But what is today’s mythology? What themes and stories do we tell to gain a feeling of connection to each other and the universe in which we find ourselves? How can our expanding scientific knowledge drive our enchantment with the natural world and grow our empathic interests toward our fellow humans? Rob’s work explores these questions visually.

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03Stars & Mermaids by Rob Rey.jpg

Mermaid II by Rob Rey -

Shadowy Deep II by Rob Rey

The Sun is Born (Winter Solistice) by Rob Rey -

Climbing the Milky Way by Rob Rey -

Observation by Rob Rey -

13Stars & Mermaids by Rob Rey

14Stars & Mermaids by Rob Rey

15Stars & Mermaids by Rob Rey

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